LOH Slacker Ride - try two!

Event date: 
Mon, 09/06/2021 - 9:45am

Meetup time: 9:45
Meetup Location: Waller Buc-ee's
KSU 10:15 

Since Suckville is trying hard to allow
more members in and our July 5 ride
got rained out, we decided to try for another holiday!
No excuses for anyone.
This is the perfect day for you to become a Slacker!

We will take a ride out to Cielito Lindo Restaurant
in Belleville for lunch. After that, we will ride out
to Brenham to figure out what all those
Suckvillians are about at the Blue Bell Creamery.

EVERYONE is welcome!

Route link to lunch is: https://maps.harley-davidson.com/share/rides/4NZKtKIwM
Route link to Blue Bell is: https://maps.harley-davidson.com/share/rides/lTrEdGoww


Event route: 
GPX File(s):
  Download File: Cielito_Lindo_ (1).gpx
  Download File: Blue_Bell_Crea (1).gpx

Open Event: This event is open to anyone intereted in supporting Ladies of Harley.  Chapter members, National H.O.G. members and other guests as desired.

Event Coordinator: 
Tina Watson